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THE SUMMERLAD: Best Cinematography nomination - 2009 CSC Awards

ALSOU: Best Cinematography in a Music Video - 2005 CSC Awards

CHANTAL KREVIAZUK: Best Cinematography nomination - 2003 Much Music Awards

MOBY: Best Cinematography - 2002 MTV Video Music Awards

EMINEM: Video Of The Year - 2002 MTV Video Music Awards

MOBY: Best Cinematography nomination - 2002 MVPA Awards

About Brad

Facebook: Brad Rushing
IMDb: Brad Rushing
U.S. and Canadian Dual Citizen
Loves animals • Vegetarian since 1996
Favorite Beer: Boddington's
Studied fine art and film making at High School for Performing & Visual Arts and University of Houston
Attended the Apollo liftoff for Apollo-Soyuz
3D Photographer
Loves History, especially Ancient Egyptian, British and US Civil War eras
Enjoys horseback riding and camping
Has worked in England, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Australia
Speaks some Portuguese and French
Musician: Guitar, Bass & Keyboards
Other half: Cathy Fabre


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405 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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