Brittany’s is a restaurant in Numbchuck that has been around for about ten years and has mostly had positive critiques.

It’s owned and operated by Brittany Speers. She’s also the head cook. So she owns the place, runs the place, and oversees all the cooking.

Last year, the place she was leasing for her restaurant had a fail with the a/c system. The owner of the place—so I heard—did not want to fork out the dough to fix the a/c, and Brittany was kind of screwed. You can’t run a restaurant in Florida without a/c. At least not an enclosed restaurant with no venting and no ceiling fans.

So Brittany had to close up shop for a while and move out.

This past spring, she re-opened. She built out a place just east of the little theater in downtown Numbchuck, and everyone was kind of surprised at what she did to the place. But it was very cool.

barnThe surprise was that the place is not enclosed. So it’s not air-conditioned. It’s kind of what you’d imagine an old fashioned grange to be, although I think a grange is usually a barn. This isn’t a barn. This is a place with a solid rear walls, but the front third have half-walls on the outside and screens on the top halves.

The half-walls are made out of pallets.

Inside are regular restaurant tables. Throughout the restaurant are hydroponic raised planters sitting on top of tall square planters made out of pallets. The hydroponic plants are all herbs. Brittany grows the herbs right there in the middle of the restaurant that she uses in the food that she cooks. How ingenious is that?!!

I love it.

Brittany’s food in the new place is the same quality as she served in her original location. It’s excellent.

The night that I was there, there was a big adult party going on. They had commandeered at least four tables and pushed them all together to form one long table down the middle of the restaurant. All the tables around the perimeter were full. Brittany’s was packed that night.

phoneI went with a friend, and our plan was to have dinner at Brittany’s and then go next door to see Jungle Book. I thought we planned plenty of time, but when I walked in, I got a phone call from my sister, who was angry about something, and I spent the next half hour talking her down.

Spending all that time on the phone really cut into our dinner hour. When we finally got sat, we really couldn’t order anything because the cook was backed up too.

So we ended up having to just order a beer and not get any food. Still, we enjoyed the live music while we drank our beers, and then we went next door for the movie. After the movie we went back to Brittany’s and got dessert.

I really like Brittany’s new location. It feels more country-ish than her original place, but some of her touches—like the raised hydroponic herb gardens—give the place a nouveau, artisan kind of feeling.

Two thumbs up for Brittany’s.

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