Craft Brewery on 11th

Have you seen the new little craft brewery bar on 11th street? Behind the Ford dealership?

fordIt’s such a great little place. It seems like an anomaly, almost—like it belongs in New York, not in Numbchuck. From the owners to the décor to the craft beer offerings, none of it fits Numbchuck, and for that reason, it’s delightfully refreshing.

I’ve been there several times now.

There are two owners—Josh and Jared. They are late twenty’s/early thirties. They are not locals, for sure. They’re not part of the tight jeans/cowboy boots/plaid shirt-wearing bunch that drive jacked-up trucks with no mufflers and frequent the Cracker House saloon.

Nope. These guys are clean cut and look like they walked out of the pages of GQ.

barThey found this smallish space on 11th street and fitted it out with a long polished bar, high stools, a stage in one corner for live music, round black tables with powder-finished chairs between the stage and the bar, and an area in the back with a couple of couches—like a conversation area that also functions as an overflow.

Behind the bar, the wall is all mirrored, and the far end of the room is mirrored, so the place looks bigger than it is. But it’s a great size for a bar—cozy and intimate, but not too small. It’s easy to get enough people in there that the place feels lively and energetic.

Actually, now that I stop and think about it, I wonder if Josh and Jared intentionally rented a small space while they were getting their brewery/bar up and going. Maybe their strategy is to move to a bigger space down the road when they have a regular clientele that will move with them and get the new place up and going.

Josh and Jared brew twelve of their own craft beer brews. They don’t serve all twelve every night. Usually they serve two or three of their own brews and then eight or ten other brews. Those brews range from stouts to IPAs to hard ciders and shandys.

There’s a sampler type thing that you can get. It comes in a wooden partitioned tray, and you get six brew samples served in small mason jars. It really is the coolest thing. The beers are a range of warm colors, of course, and they look like something out of a beer magazine when they’re in those jars in the wooden tray.

Josh and Jared offer a great range of brews, and they’re all artisan and unique. You have the feeling that you’re in an interesting place drinking interesting beers, and it’s a great night’s experience.

Then there’s always live music on weekend nights. It’s good. Usually just a one-man or two-man group, but enough to add that live component to the night’s experience.

So there you have it . . . the new bar on 11th street. Seriously, go now while they’re still in town, because it’s the kind of place that feels too upscale and too interesting for Numbchuck, and I’m not convinced Josh and Jared will stick around.

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