When Calls the Lawn

Just want to give a shout out to a local lawncare service company that really saved my skin this week.

I’ve been taking care of my mom’s house for the last several years since she died. It was just sitting for the longest time because basically I didn’t have the time to do anything with it. I needed to put it on the market but before that I needed to clean it out, get rid of stuff, fix some stuff up inside, get the lawn taken care of, etc, etc.

Her passing took a lot out of me and for a long time I couldn’t even face going over to her house. So it just sat. The outside got overgrown. I went over there once in a while, cranked up her John Deere, and gave the grass a good, short mow, and then let it sit for several months until I knew I’d be getting a violation notice. I hate getting those things so that would be my motivation for getting my butt over there and mowing.

Anyway a few months ago I felt like I had the emotional energy to deal with the house, so I went over and jumped in. I ignored the outside while I focused on the inside. Since I’d neglected it, it was pretty bad. I won’t even describe it here.

hazmat-signBut basically I put on the hazmat suit and went inside with a firehose and a leafblower (kidding, mostly) and blew out the place and hosed it down. Oh—first I got all the furniture and personal items out. That was a giant job. Half of it went to the Good Will. The other half got disbursed to family and friends and whoever needed the stuff more than the Good Will.

After the inside was dealt with, I turned to the outside. I knew I could mow the yard, but it needed more attention than that, and I decided it was in my best interest to hire a professional lawn care company.

I searched online for the lawn care company near me and vero beach lawn service, and several came up. BioGreen Lawn Care came up, so I went to their website and checked them out, and then I called the number.

They did yard service, lawn mowing vero beach, lawn care vero beach, lawn maintenance vero beach, edging, weeding, trimming, fertilizing, and pest management vero beach.

lawncareThey sent a guy out and he walked mom’s property and then talked about it with me. They would do all the normal stuff, he said: mowing, edging, trimming, weed-whacking. Because I had neglected it for so long, it kind of needed turbo service, which they would also do—hedge trimming, vine removal, weeding, and even some tree trimming.

He quoted me a price on the spot, and I said, Great. When can you do it? He was able to send out a crew two days later, and they whipped mom’s property into shape. It was unbelievable how much better it looked.

I put it on the market a week later and a week after that, it was under contract.

So: props to local service providers that deliver the goods. I’ll go with local guys any day over giant national companies.

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